About Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson, The Artist, has always been attracted to the energy of musical icons; their cool energy, strength, and the control they exude. Terry began to express this attraction through art at the age of ten. His studies in Fin Arts at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, led him to focus his artistic expression on the human form.


Although Terry has worked in graphite, charcoal, color pencil and oils, even wood and stone, his preferred mediums are acrylic paint, and digital painting with software such as Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Procreate for iPad Pro and Corel Painter. He entices the viewer to remember, to feel, to connect with a face, a body, the person, and an era that tells a story, and maybe teaches a lesson. The raw energy is playfully dispersed in the background of vibrant colors, patterns, and symbols. Terry will be the first to tell you that words are not his forte, yet he is a storyteller who uses vivid brush strokes on canvas just as an accomplished writer uses words on paper.


Terry has collaborated with other Detroit artist on projects, which include a three year project to create three large scale murals for the United States Postal Service, two in Detroit and one in Chicago and a large mosaic piece for The Carr Center in Detroit.


Terry’s work enhances websites,T-shirts, book covers, and many private collections.